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The New Reality for Today’s Media and How It Affects Public Relations

The times are a changing. Reporters today don't look or work like the reporters of yesterday.

The times are a changing. Reporters today don’t look or work like the reporters of yesterday.

When I was a kid the stereotypical image of a reporter was a rugged, adventure seeking male who would jot ideas in a pocket notebook while spending downtime at the neighborhood bar.  In between writing and whiskey breaks the reporter always would find themselves in the middle of some incredible mystery that included romance and love.  I was pretty sure that being a reporter was by far the coolest job in the world – primarily because it appeared that they didn’t work all that much.


Why You NEED a Public Relations Strategy NOW

Public Relations Strategy

I remember that when I started my career sales was king.  Salespeople made the most money and oftentimes carried the most power within the company.  This was not without merit — sales was driving revenue and it was their actions: cold calling, prospecting, face-to-face client meetings that were adding to the most important corporate metric: revenue. (more…)

3 Types of Media: Owned, Paid, and Earned

Public Relations

Blog posts, twitter, online news, cable TV, vines, facebook, mobile device video, press releases, infographics, podcasts, illustrations, webinars, white papers, ebooks, FAQs, bios, awards, tutorials, photos, data, articles, surveys, testimonials, reviews, presentations – it’s enough to make your head spin. We are in the midst of an unprecedented era of content creation and media exposure.

With so many options out there, it’s important to understand the differences, appropriate uses, and shortcomings of different types of media: Owned, Paid, and Earned. (more…)

How Does Public Relations & Earned Media Work?

Public Relations

Earned Media Explained In Terms We All Can Understand. Copyright WildStory Media 2014

“What do you do?” asked my friend Sean.  We were sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops in Boulder, Amante, chatting over Italian espresso. Nothing out of the ordinary and Sean’s question was one I’ve been hearing a lot lately.

I asked Sean what he meant and he clarified that he understood I was in public relations and that a major component of that was getting media placements for my clients.

“But why does that matter? Why does it work?” Sean wanted to know. (more…)