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Don’t Let The Opportunity Pass You By – Client Responsibilities

Be Ready to "run" with reporters at a moment's notice

Be ready to “run” with reporters at a moment’s notice

Public Relations, like life, is all about timing.  The other day I was pulling my hair out, pitching and trying to secure media coverage for clients when my phone rang from a number I didn’t identify. I have this weird, immediate skepticism about numbers I don’t know combined with this uncontrollable urge to pick-up. I imagine it’s what a fish feels like when they see a lure in the water — I know that’s a lure but I can’t help eating it!

Thankfully this was a good call – a reporter looking for a medical expert reference that would be perfect for one our clients, Dr. Phil (No, not that Dr. Phil). The problem is their deadline was yesterday. In fact, I was receiving this call because their first choice wasn’t getting back to them.  I’ve no problem being second choice or being called at the last moment. (more…)