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One of the things we are most proud of at WILDSTORY is that we truly choose our clients.  We only work with those clients who align with our values.  It also helps if they have a story we think we can tell in a way that gets everyone at the table excited.

One of our newest clients fits exactly into this category.

We are so excited to be working with Boulder B-Cycle we are using their awesome ride sharing bikes to tell our own story.  Boulder B-cycle Bikes adorned with WILDSTORY messaging have hit the streets of Boulder!  If you see the WILDSTORY x Boulder B-cycle bike rolling around town, snap a picture and tag it with: #WILDBoulderBcycle on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

Boulder B-cycle x WILDSTORY Media: The two WILDSTORY branded bikes rolling around Boulder, thanks to Boulder B-cycle

Boulder B-cycle x WILDSTORY Media: The two WILDSTORY bikes rolling around Boulder, thanks to Boulder B-cycle

We’ve included a recent Boulder B-cycle press release and fact sheet below.  Now get riding.  Get sharing.  Get ride-sharing!


Boulder B-cycle logoMedia Contact:

Sam Alviani    



Boulder B-cycle Fosters Alternative Transport with City-wide Bike Sharing: 

The Nonprofit Organization provides an Eco-Friendly, Cost-Efficient Option With its Network of Convenient Stations

Boulder, CO — In 2011, Boulder B-cycle launched a nonprofit program that allowed easy, low-impact transit for seasoned bikers, commuters, and visitors alike: in contrast to a standard bike rental, bike sharing allowed a community to share a fixed number of bikes through short station-to-station bike trips and provided an all around shakeup of traditional commute options.

How it works:

  1. Purchase entry pass
  2. Choose a bike from any B-station.
  3. Keep every trip under 30 minutes! Overtime fees apply to all trips over one half hour.
  4. Return your bike at any B-station. Repeat by checking out another bike!

Once a rider purchases an entry pass, they can take as many 30 minute trips as they want for the duration of that pass at no additional cost. Additional fees apply to all trips over 30 minutes, encouraging riders to check bikes that aren’t actively being used back into stations. The mobile app’s interactive, real-time map shows riders what stations might be close or most convenient plus updates riders on bike availability.

“Boulder B-cycle is part of the Boulder landscape and the Boulder experience” said James Waddell, Boulder B-cycle Executive Director. “When you think of Boulder you think of the scenery, bikes and of healthy, environmentally conscious people. Every time someone rides one of our bikes that’s gasoline saved, carbon emissions spared and calories burned”.

In addition to offering seamless transit, Boulder B-cycle has crafted a handful of city-specific “tours” that give riders another way to experience Boulder culture. The brewery tour, for example, provides a map with best routes and nearby station details for eight local breweries.

B-cycle LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Trek bikes based out of Waterloo, Wisconsin, where they design and manufacture the bikes and stations found in all B-cycle cities. On the software end, they design the front end software with which users interact, the back end database that all B-cycle systems use, the B-cycle website platform and the official B-cycle mobile app.

Since launching in 2011, there have been 169,561 trips taken and 49,748 passes sold through Boulder B-cycle. Now, more than 25 other cities around the world run B-cycle-branded systems, however, Boulder B-cycle is operated as an independent nonprofit and a separate entity. Similarly, they are not a program of the City of Boulder, although Boulder B-cycle does operate under a master agreement with the city which determines certain standards of operation and performance measures. Boulder B-cycle also receives a portion of their operational funding from city programs and departments, including Go Boulder and Boulder Parking Services.

B-cycle provides an environmentally-friendly bike share program with access to reliable, state-of-the-art bikes and a simple user interface—changing the way we commute and interact with our cities. For more information about the program and the team behind it, email Boulder B-cycle at info@boulderbcycle.org or call 303-532-4412.

About Boulder B-cycle

Boulder B-cycle is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a transportation method that is green, cost-efficient and fun through the implementation of a bike-sharing program in Boulder. The system serves locals and visitors alike with a network of 38 stations and 260 bikes.


Name: Boulder B-cycle

Date Launched: 2011

Team: James Waddell (Executive Director)

Kevin Crouse (Operations Manager)

Kevin Bell (Marketing and Communications Manager)

Erica Congelli (Customer Service)

Four Part-Time Fleet Technicians

Website: https://boulder.bcycle.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BoulderBcycle

Instagram: http://instagram.com/boulderbcycle

Twitter: https://twitter.com/boulder_bcycle

Services Offered:

Ride, return, repeat: Boulder B-cycle offers point-to-point bike sharing that encourages  short, less than thirty-minute trips for riders, with bikes that aren’t in use returned to stations distributed throughout Boulder. In contrast to a standard bike rental, bike sharing allows a large number of people to share a fixed number of bikes through short station-to-station bike trips and provides an all around shakeup of traditional commute options.


The B-cycle bicycle was designed by Trek specifically for bike sharing. It is fun to ride, easy to adjust, and comfortably fits riders from 5’ to 6’ 2”+. The B-cycle features an optional onboard self-charging GPS computer that runs off the power generation of the front hub and uses RFID technology for tracking and anti-theft purposes. The bicycle is designed at Trek Bicycle Headquarters in Waterloo, WI.

Stations: 38 stations throughout Boulder, CO

Bikes: 260 bikes throughout Boulder, CO

Ridership: Since launching in 2011, there have been 169,561 trips taken and 49,748 passes sold through Boulder B-cycle. Detailed annual reports available here.

Mobile App: B-cycle Now; a free app for real-time bike and station information

Hi-res Photos: A full selection available here



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