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BGBS 003: Jedd Rose | Topo Designs | Anywhere On Your Map

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Do you wear outdoor-inspired clothing while spending time in the great outdoors? Then, you may be familiar with Topo Designs, which is known for “backpacks, bags, and apparel for anywhere on your map.” In a day and age where we love to over-engineer everything, Topo Designs’ classic and retro-style products feel just right and perform flawlessly. Jedd Rose, Topo Designs co-founder, strives for such flexibility in each of his company’s products. Topo Designs is one of the fastest growing outdoor brands in America.

You’ll Learn…

  • Do you remember the first backpack you ever had? Does it generate memories and meaning?
  • From growing up in Wyoming and being hassled for what he wore to school to making fashion cool and courageous by creating fashion-forward lifestyle gear
  • Inspiration came partly from both of Jedd’s parents to spot outdoor gear trends and be into fashion through activities, including camping, hunting, and fishing
  • Jedd approached Topo as a missing piece of what he wanted in his fashion/gear
  • Years ago, outdoor gear was focused on tech – a spacesuit quest for gear; Jedd wanted to integrate gear and make it functional in other areas of your life
  • Quintessential Design: Products that serve a wide variety of use cases, yet are simple and timeless
  • Despite limited creative training, Jedd’s college experience of fine art, printmaking, digital software, and sculpting prepared him on how to start a company
  • From starting on his own in his basement to having about 60 employees and four retail locations, Jedd plans for Topo Designs to continue to reflect and expand
  • Gear needs to be functional and comfortable, yet look good at the same time
  • Topo Designs tribe practices what it preaches and is a good representation of the company’s customer base


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“In a day and age where we love to over-engineer everything, Topo Designs’ products feel exactly just right.” – Marc Gutman

“There’s this huge piece of me that was always really into clothing and gear and just the esthetic of it.” – Jedd Rose

“I didn’t really ever approach Topo as a business when I was first coming out with it. I guess I did always approach it as there’s a missing piece of what I want in my fashion/gear life.” – Jedd Rose

“Our plan, as of now, is to open a zillion of our own stores.” – Jedd Rose


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