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Staying up to date on the latest social media tools is very important to our team and our clients.  We are proud to announce that our WILDSTORY team is recognized as a Hootsuite Certified Partner.

Hootsuite OwlsThe benefits of completing the Hootsuite University certification program:

  • Demonstrated expertise in social media
  • Demonstrated expertise in Hootsuite social media platform / dashboard
  • Hootsuite is the industry leader in social media management used by more firms and clients than any other platform

Hootsuite CertifiedWhat advantages can we deliver to clients via Hootsuite?

  • Easy monitoring through Streams:  HootSuite users can create different tabs that show up on your dashboard page called streams. These streams allow you to track specific information such as @mentions, geo-tagging, Re-Tweets (RTs) and a home feed that shows what your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest followers are saying. Streams allow for easy filtering to see what your community and competitors are saying
  • Analytics: One of the most useful tools from HootSuite is the custom reporting section. When you shorten an URL using the ow.ly or ht.ly extensions, they are automatically tracked. You can see how many times the link is clicked, the location of the viewer, and what sites are referring the most traffic. Google Analytics, a popular tracking tool, can also be linked to HootSuite for specific URL parameters.
  • Bulk scheduling for saving time: The most challenging aspects of using Twitter is that it takes so much time to post regularly. HootSuite has a tool that allows users to schedule up to 50 posts in advance to free up time and to keep your social media conversation flowing.
  • Multiple Social Media Managers and Security Settings: Managing a large social media community or communities takes more than one person. Having the ability to assign multiple social media managers with specific roles and security settings allows entire teams to manage communities, see what others are posting, assign certain posts to specific groups (for example a customer service tweet to be handled by that team), and set oversight parameters so your interns can’t post inappropriate messages without your approval.

As always, please feel free to contact us directly.  You can always send us a message via our contact form or email me directly at: mgutman at wildstory dot com

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I'm Marc Gutman the founder and do-whatever-needs-to-be-done guy at WILDSTORY. I'm a storyteller, entrepreneur, husband, father, adventure seeker, coffee lover, notebook snob, and closet sketchnoter. I believe that telling your story is the ultimate competitive advantage in business -- probably the only one left these days. As a result I am obsessive about branding, story structure, design and tend to appreciate anyone who is too. I love living in the great state of Colorado and try to play outdoors as much as possible. When I'm not in the office you can usually find me doing one of the following: snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, camping, cycling, kiteboarding, or fishing with a cold craft beer in hand.

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