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I had a wonderful experience interning with WildStory PR, and getting the opportunity to work on The Boulder International Film Festival. It was awesome to really get the full experience from learning about the event, to reaching out to news outlets and spreading the word, and finally, getting to attend the event myself. I also loved that, as an intern, I felt that my work was truly important. I never even had to make copies or go on coffee runs!

During the festival, I got the chance to attend the CineCHEF event, where some of Boulder’s top chefs created dishes themed off of popular movies. It was really fun to get the chance to hang out with the other interns, relax, and eat some delicious food. While there were a lot of dishes that were out of my comfort zone, such as scallops made with Orange Crush, there were also amazing ones such as chocolate mousse and big juicy cheeseburgers.

Overall, I had a blast and learned a lot about the public relations field and learned valuable skills I will take with me into the future.

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I'm Marc Gutman the founder and do-whatever-needs-to-be-done guy at WILDSTORY. I'm a storyteller, entrepreneur, husband, father, adventure seeker, coffee lover, notebook snob, and closet sketchnoter. I believe that telling your story is the ultimate competitive advantage in business -- probably the only one left these days. As a result I am obsessive about branding, story structure, design and tend to appreciate anyone who is too. I love living in the great state of Colorado and try to play outdoors as much as possible. When I'm not in the office you can usually find me doing one of the following: snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, camping, cycling, kiteboarding, or fishing with a cold craft beer in hand.

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