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Brüfrou Public Relations Case Study

“WILDSTORY really got us tremendous earned media and got us in the hands of the people that are our target audience.”

The Challenge

BrüFrou is the premier craft beer and culinary pairing event in Colorado. Entering their second year the founders set a goal to attract more of their core customer while maintaining a premium ticket price in order to maximize profits and produce a high quality event. In addition to the main event, side attractions such as BrüFaire (craft fair), TästyTalks (fun insights from brew masters and chef partners), and premium accommodation packages were offered for the first time requiring additional promotion.

The Solution

WILDSTORY worked with BrüFrou to get a comprehensive understanding of the BrüFrou brand and story. A laser focused media relations plan was developed to target those influencers and core customers that appreciate craft beer and high-end culinary dishes. Local print, digital, radio, and television opportunities were created. In addition to developing these media opportunities WILDSTORY provided coaching and consultative solutions prior to media interviews.

Top Tier Media Outlets


Wildly Successful Results

BrüFrou hosted yet another great event. Nearly 3,000 craft beer aficionados and foodies attended the one day event at Wings Over The Rockies. Great reviews were heaped on the additional BrüFaire, TästyTalks, and premium accommodation packages. 60 top tier local and regional media outlets provided coverage leading up to the event. More high value tickets were sold to corec clientele than the previous year. BrüFrou credits WILDSTORY’s public relations efforts with bringing in the right kind of customer and creating momentum that will carry over into next year’s BrüFrou event.
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