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Inboard Case Study

“The best part about working with WILDSTORY is how much it felt like they are already part of our internal team.”

The Challenge

Inboard Sports dreamed of disrupting the electronic skateboard industry with their patented technology. Inboard’s strategy required the company to remain dark before embarking on a Kickstarter campaign that was critical to Inboard’s growth and survival. With only 30 days to get the word out to potential backers, time was of the essence. Inboard turned to WILDSTORY for brand strategy, pre-launch consulting, media relations, and ongoing digital public relations support.

The Solution

WILDSTORY consulted with Inboard on pre-launch strategy to review Kickstarter materials. WILDSTORY developed a hyper-targeted media relations campaign to drive the interest of top tier media. The goal was to attract both Kickstarter backers and future investors. WILDSTORY worked with Inboard to create compelling media pitches and media lists. A multimedia press release and specialized distribution accelerated awareness and media mentions.

  • Kickstarter Goal (421%!) 421% 421%

Headline Impressions

Media Placements

Wildly Successful Results

Inboard rocketed out of the gates. They reached their Kickstarter goal in just 48 hours. At the conclusion of the campaign, Inboard finished at 421% to goal. Inboard garnered 62 high quality national and international media placements firmly establishing the fresh start-up as a company to watch in the consumer electronic / action sports industries. The kick-off release earned nearly 10,000 views and 45,000 unique headline impressions in less than a week.
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