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8 Reasons I love Working in Public Relations

Lots of High Fives Working in Public Relations

Lots of High Fives Working in Public Relations

I’ve held a myriad of jobs in a lot of industries during my work career.  I’ve slung FroYo, worked a car wash, fitted mountaineering boots, manufactured stained glass, manned a para-sail boat, tended bar, worked for an Academy Award winning director, rolled around the halls of a tech start-up on a Razor scooter, built sales teams, and of course Public Relations.  For all those jobs I mentioned there are another twenty I’ve blocked-out of my memory.  When I think of those unfulfilling jobs I need to get in the fetal position and go to my happy place.


Why You NEED a Public Relations Strategy NOW

Public Relations Strategy

I remember that when I started my career sales was king.  Salespeople made the most money and oftentimes carried the most power within the company.  This was not without merit — sales was driving revenue and it was their actions: cold calling, prospecting, face-to-face client meetings that were adding to the most important corporate metric: revenue. (more…)

How Does Public Relations & Earned Media Work?

Public Relations

Earned Media Explained In Terms We All Can Understand. Copyright WildStory Media 2014

“What do you do?” asked my friend Sean.  We were sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops in Boulder, Amante, chatting over Italian espresso. Nothing out of the ordinary and Sean’s question was one I’ve been hearing a lot lately.

I asked Sean what he meant and he clarified that he understood I was in public relations and that a major component of that was getting media placements for my clients.

“But why does that matter? Why does it work?” Sean wanted to know. (more…)

Press Release SEO and Public Relations Press Release Webinar

SEO | PR |

It’s just math. The data is proof that SEO and Public Relations works.

Recently, I had the pleasure of co-presenting a webinar with Boulder SEO Marketing CEO, Chris Raulf.  The title of the webinar is “Public Relations is Dead, Long Live Public Relations” which I find slightly misleading. However, don’t let that deter you as there is some amazing information that can be applied to your marketing and business. I was really impressed by Chris Raulf’s process on how to use press releases for increasing SEO traffic.  He shows how he’s being listed in places like San Diego for “press release packages” on Google as a result of his efforts promoting this very webinar.  How cool is that? (more…)