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Storytelling & Brand Story

We make the world see what you see.


storytelling Stories shape what we believe. Stories are what create relationships. We only connect with brands that make us feel. If you’re not telling your story, and telling it emotionally, someone else is probably telling it for you — poorly. There’s quite a bit of data in stories. And that data shows that stories are how we teach, learn, grow, trust, and change. Stories are how we connect. Your story is who you are, what you believe, it reminds your employees what you stand for and builds a common language for you to talk to your customers. Start connecting your WILDSTORY to the people that matter. Let us help you get the world to see what you see.

Media Relations

media relationsWILDSTORY Media lives and breathes the development of relationships with the journalists and influencers that matter most – from editors, producers, reporters, and bloggers and everything in between.  We do our homework so we know who will get jazzed to tell your story and who won’t. Nothing gets us more excited than seeing your name in print or on TV.  Our strategy is to craft specific media angles that position your brand and your story in the most appropriate light. It’s not just enough to place your story, we make your story stand out and get noticed. We make sure to lead our clients into the stories that write a new chapter on how the world sees our clients.

Digital Public Relations

social mediaThere’s no denying it – social media turns everyone into a journalist or influencer. Grandparents are tweeting.  Tweens are blogging. All the while, social media is becoming more complex, not less.  As soon as a social network starts to standardize a new one pops-up and becomes the source of authenticity for your desired customer. That and you have Pete in Sales, after a long night on the town, posting damaging and unauthorized status updates in your company’s name. And you’re not sure what to post.  And you’re questioning what social stream to leverage. And you’re questioning if your social is supporting your marketing and PR efforts. And….your head is about to blow up.  What started as an easy, “free” way to bring your customer’s into your story, and you into theirs, has gotten downright complicated, expensive, and not very fun.

WILDSTORY Media can manage the entire scope of your social media vision from online research and targeting, measurement and monitoring, internal social media policy, internal social media plan and scheduling, SEO/SEM, and day to day social media management. You get to focus on your story and the cool stuff, we handle all noise. We make social fun again.

The Value of Storytelling

We learn and retain information through stories. If you’re not telling your story in the right way, you’re losing out on an emotional connection with your customers.

“How were we so successful? It was really due in part to the pre-planning we were able to leverage with WILDSTORY and their vast knowledge of how to build a brand and get the message out there.”


“WILDSTORY did a fantastic job getting the word out about the festival in every way.”

Boulder International Film Festival

“WILDSTORY helped us find new ways to share BRONUTS with the world in ways we hadn’t thought about.”


Why We Do This

We see things that others don’t. Your brand isn’t your logo or your colors. Your brand is how you make people feel. It’s how you make your employees and core customers feel. Your brand story is what makes your company human. We will find what connects you to your desired audience and then pour gas on that fire.

How We Do This

Our experiences and business acumen allow us to see what makes your brand special. We’re not just storytellers. We’re also accomplished business people. We know how businesses work, what makes them live, and what makes them thrive. We combine our talents with proven tools and processes that allow us to tell your story on the channel that’s best for your brand. We see things others don’t. We’re then able to use tools and techniques that create an original, authentic brand narrative in a voice that resonates with your target audience.

What You Get

We dare our clients to create disruptive and memorable brands. Your story is the foundation of everything that comes next. Employees will know exactly how to position your brand. Customers will be very clear on what your brand represents. People will believe. Business decisions will be easier and sales will be easier – it all starts with properly telling your story. We get the world to see what you see.

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