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Hollywood Screenwriter Marc Gutman Will ‘Wow’ Your Audience With the Power of Storytelling

Marc Gutman’s Signature Talks

How to Use Hollywood’s Screenwriting Techniques to Produce Your Own Blockbuster Message

Marc Gutman was a Hollywood screenwriter for years where he learned from some of the best storytellers in the world. This featured presentation focuses on what story is and why it’s the perfect tool for growing your business. You will learn THE story structure Hollywood uses to create blockbusters and how it relates to your business. You will also receive the preferred screenwriter’s template for quickly building a story that captivates your audience every time.

The Eight-Minute Crash Course for Building an Irresistible Branding Story

Storytelling is the most powerful business tool of the 21st century. It’s what built brands like Apple, Dollar Shave Club, TOMS, and Southwest Airlines. Former Hollywood screenwriter Marc Gutman teaches on the principle of storytelling and its perfect fit inside your brand’s future. You will learn how to tell an irresistible brand story through Marc’s proven eight-step framework in a matter of minutes.

Infusing Your Brand With a Spark of Creativity

Who orders vanilla ice cream for dessert? Spoiler alert: no one. Vanilla-flavored businesses get lost without the sprinkle, twist, and flash of creative flavor missing from their brand’s story. Marc Gutman shares about the power of creativity to inject new life into your business. You will learn about the breakthroughs, value add, and everyday obstacles businesses encounter when it comes to creativity.

 What People Are Saying about Marc Gutman

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Podcasts, Webinars, Summits, and Other Online Stages

Marc is often featured on online stages, such as podcasts, webinars, and guest segments. His background in screenwriting and storytelling will be a can’t-miss moment for your audiences to enjoy.

Marc is one of those diamonds in the rough who has honed his craft and his art for years and years and is now sharing it with the world. Yanik Silver

Founder, Maverick1000

If you are thinking about having Marc speak for your event I can highly recommend him.  He is an amazing person, great story teller and I know your audience will absolutely love him. Mallory Tadini

Founder, Tadimi.com and Full Cycle Rx

Marc took us through deconstructing how to tell a story. He just has a natural way. I really liked him and it was very real and very authentic. Garrett Gunderson

Founder, Wealth Factory

The techniques Marc is going to teach you are going to help customers connect with you better and faster…help you increase your revenues through storytelling. This is really going to help your brand, your marketing, and your message…and Marc is a lot of fun! Brent Weaver

Founder, UGURUS

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