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Our Wild Story

The Idea Behind WILDSTORY Is a Great Story in Its Own Right

I’ve always been captivated by a great story. I’m sure it started as an infant with bedtime stories, but it wasn’t until I was older that I realized the power of well-told stories. My dad and I connected over movies—comedies mostly (Caddy Shack and The Blues Brothers at an appropriately inappropriate age)—but any great movie was a common bond. The uncontrollable laughter combined with the emotional journey was enough to impact me for the rest of my life.

I still think a smile and a laugh is better than just about anything else in the world.

Creating Life Stories

I grew older. I became a Wolverine. In college I focused my studies on English Literature, immersing myself in the greatest stories of our times. I obsessively studied film. I fell in love. After college I packed up a questionable Oldsmobile and headed to Hollywood. I quickly found myself writing some exciting chapters, working for Disney, Warner Bros., Fox, and Oliver Stone. I delivered giant reels of 70mm film, dropped off tequila shots with a white wine chaser to A-list celebrities, ran an intern program, wrote punch up jokes for feature films, and was hired to write a screenplay or two. I buddied up with some future Academy Award winners. I got married to the only person who really knows me. I moved to Boulder, Colorado with the love of my life, played in the snow, boogied in the sun, and accidentally fell into the local tech scene. We made some babies. I learned to kiteboard.

A job here a job there, I was always drawn to new opportunities but never felt like I had found what I was meant to do.

Frustrated by PR and Marketing Experts

I started my own tech company focused on webinars and virtual events.  While the business was doing well I became unhappy with our growth. There had to be a better way. I threw myself into researching every marketing and PR methodology under the sun.  My head was spinning so I did what most entrepreneurs do—I hired help. Surely the experts could apply their knowledge to help me grow my business! Unfortunately, every PR and marketing firm I hired was terrible. They never listened to what I told them. They approached my company like it was a widget that would fit neatly in their “process”. I was always SOLD by a senior person and before the virtual ink on the contract was dry they handed me off to a team of associates fresh out of college, none with any business scars, successes or stories. Great intentions, but horrible execution.

No business is like any other. Every one of these engagements ended in disaster.

I spent so much money on failed PR and marketing efforts that I could have my dream car in my driveway. I was frustrated and disillusioned and knew there had to be a better answer so I took it upon myself to figure it out.

A New Passion for Marketing and Public Relations

I fired all the so called experts and began learning as much as I could. I devoted my marketing and public relations budget to my education. I devoured anything I could on the subjects. Soon I found that I was spending more time on marketing and PR than I was on my business. What was even more surprising was that I didn’t care.

I had awakened a true passion for these subjects and the light bulb went on. This is what I was meant to do.

I got a job with a leading Denver PR firm, Stefanie Jones Public Relations, and was able to apply my natural talents while learning the intricacies of the PR world. I busted my butt, took my lumps and soaked up everything I could…all while running my webinar company. I still collaborate with SJPR on many projects but, as an entrepreneur, it was time to leave the nest and fulfill my own vision. Like the best stories, this one has a wild beginning, a wild end, and a wild new beginning. It’s truly a WILDSTORY

Now that you’ve heard ours…what’s yours?

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