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Our Values

The fabric that binds our story.

Q: Do I really want to read these?


We know, you’re tired of reading mission statements and values that were copied out of a business book or off a motivational poster. If you want to get an idea of who we are and what we’re like to do business with then please read on. It also may let you know if we’re a good fit to work together.


Clients & team members = friends.  Thus we choose both wisely. We’d be hanging with our clients or using their products even if they weren’t clients. We are continually inspired by the people we work with and the way they are trying to change the world.


Dance in the rain. Doodle in your notes. Find unconventional solutions to big problems. We live creatively both in the literal sense (taping post-it notes with sketches of prototype solutions to the wall) and in the broader sense (how we architect our business, lives, and see the world).


The same perspective repeated creates shades of beige. We want to stay in the uncomfortable zone, trying new things. Surrounding ourselves with different people. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable.  Sometimes this is scary and we don’t have all the answers. But we trust that by being uncomfortable, great ideas, innovations, and breakthroughs are never far behind.


Life experience is the most valuable currency. Seek adventure in and out of the office.  Get off the beaten path. Sail across unknown waters.  Try writing with a pink pencil or take a different route to the coffee shop. Climb to the other side of the ridge just to see the other side. Be adventurous in your desire to learn and expand your skills and mindset. The strongest stories come from life experience.  We encourage our team and our clients to get out of the office and experience the world. Then bring that experience and expanded worldview into their work.  


The world we live in was formed by big ideas.  State your dream and then believe in it.  This life is too short for small ideas.   An active imagination is the most powerful tool we can use in business.  We embrace crazy dreamers and their wild big ideas and then use the power of imagineering and dreamineering to make them come true.


The world and business is a much better place with humor, smiles, and bellyaching laughter. We approach our jobs and mission with a sense of playful humor. It’s okay to laugh. It’s okay to poke fun at yourself. If you can’t poke fun at yourself, poke fun at us. We can take it…with a smile.


Stories shape what we believe. Stories are what create relationships. We only connect with brands that make us feel. Stories are how we connect. Let us help you tell your story. Learn More.

Media Relations

Looking to jump start your business and get noticed?  WildStory Media lives and breathes the development of relationships with the journalists and influencers that matter most – from editors, producers, reporters, and bloggers and everything in between. Learn More.

Digital Public Relations

There’s no denying it – social media turns everyone into a journalist or influencer. Grandparents are tweeting.  Tweens are blogging. All the while, social media is becoming more complex, not less.  We make social fun again. Learn More.

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