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We’ve got a crash course on how to find & build your strongest business asset, your story!

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WILDSTORY #25: Inboard

Two extreme sports enthusiasts spend two years developing a motorized skateboard. WILDSTORY helps them reach their goals on Kickstarter.

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WILDSTORY #6: Brüfrou

Beer, food and an airport hanger create an one-of-a-kind foodie experience. WILDSTORY helps the event take flight.

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Independent films, feature film previews, extinct species and food all converge for a four-day festival. WILDSTORY helped fill the seats.

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WILDSTORY #3: Bronuts

Two brothers convert donuts to balls for a tasty innuendo. WILDSTORY helps provide a fully baked launch.

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We are WILDSTORY - a Storytelling and Content Strategy shop. We build powerful, authentic conversations that change the way people FEEL about you and your brand.

We're Storytellers

We are master storytellers and strategists who dare our clients to create disruptive and memorable brands. We specialize in brand storytelling, digital strategy, content creation and developing strong connections that increase value. What does all that mean? We help you discover what’s wild about your story and get the world to see what you see.
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Love Your Public Relations Partner

If you’re looking for a firm that’s going to give you the same campaign they gave a previous client in a similar industry we’re probably not for you. However, if you’re looking for a partner that eschews Groundhog Day, lives creatively, prides itself on being fun to work with, encourages snow days, and sees the world differently than typical PR firms then you’ll probably love working with us.
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We’ve placed our client’s WILD stories in:

Wild Story Corporate Communications


Stories shape what we believe. Stories are what create relationships. We only connect with brands that make us feel. Stories are how we connect. Let us help you tell your story.
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Media Relations

Looking to jump start your business and get noticed?  WildStory Media lives and breathes the development of relationships with the journalists and influencers that matter most – from editors, producers, reporters, and bloggers and everything in between.
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Digital Public Relations

There’s no denying it – public relations has gone digital. Social media has turned everyone into a journalist or influencer. Grandparents are tweeting. Tweens are blogging. As a result, public relations campaigns have become more complex. Don’t worry. We help you create the digital content, assets and strategies you need to be relevant in today’s social scene.
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Recent Blog Posts

I Don’t Believe in Story Formulas & Neither Should You

Look, there are a lot of people running around talking about story and story formulas.  They reference the hero’s journey and promise a formula to make it as easy as filling out a Mad-Libs book.  I see the ads everyday on Facebook or in my inbox: “Follow this 5 step formula and you’ll be an amazing storyteller!”  Sound remotely familiar?

Sorry, but it’s not happening.  I don’t believe in story formulas and neither should you.

A formula – is something that gets a guaranteed result every time.  

And I hate to be the one to say it, but in storytelling there is no such thing as a formula.

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PowerPoint (PPT) is Dead…

Powerpoint is dead.

Sorry, to have to be the bearer of bad news but the sooner we all realize this and move on the better.  

That fancy sales presentation with all the best figures and data in it? Dead.

That huge investor deck with 10 bullets per slide? Dead.

That recruiting deck showing your prospective A-players and employees the reason they should lay it all on the line or come work for you? Dead.

All of them. Dead. Dead. Dead.  

Look, I’ll answer the immediate objection that you’re screaming at the screen right now.

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Do I want Empathy or Sympathy in my Storytelling?



Same thing right?

Well no, not even close. And understanding the difference between these two words and ideas is what will separate your storytelling from blah to Yeah!

When talking story, the words empathy and sympathy come up often. Most entrepreneurs and businesses use the words empathy and sympathy incorrectly and many times interchangeably (which is also incorrect.)

As we go out and spread the idea of the importance of story in business, we find that a many people understand the idea that story in itself makes an emotional connection and therefore makes the audience or the listener empathetic to the story teller or the story itself…

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