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The WILDSTORY Digital Public Relations Process

Our clients are friends, partners, dreamers, crazy, passionate, entrepreneurs and visionaries.

They all have a WILDSTORY and we’re honored to share them. Here is a brief look at our digital public relations process when working with new clients.

The WILDSTORY Digital Public Relations Process:

  1. Meet the client.
  2. Get to know one another.
  3. Tell us more! We want to hear your story and find out how we can help.
  4. We put together our vision on how to make your story WILD!
  5. We present our ideas of what makes your brand cool.
  6. You review, then tell us, “Go for it!”, or, “No, try again”.
  7. We finalize a digital public relations plan and agree on a scope of work.
  8. We jump in to experience your brand!
  9. We set out to show the world what you see.
  10. We deliver great work.
  11. We perform regular check ins and tweaks to the program.
  12. Final step…High Fives and Good Vibes!

Tips & Tools

To learn more about some tips and tools we use throughout our digital public relations process, be sure to check out our blog post on 10 Public Relations Tools That Make Our Lives Easier.

Lastly, please feel free to contact us directly.  You can always send us a message via our contact form or email me directly at: mgutman at wildstory dot com

Public Relations: Are You Really Listening?

Public Relations: Are You Really Listening?

Close your eyes.  No, seriously – Close. Your. Eyes.

Now what do you hear?  Don’t be so quick to open your eyes. Even if there’s no apparent sound in the room, take your time.  What do you hear?  Maybe the hum of your computer?  Maybe the voices of your colleagues? Maybe the sound of silence? Yes, that does exist.

To be honest, I never really thought about how much our other senses, light sight, get in the way of one another (like hearing).

Yesterday, I had the fortunate opportunity to be the guest of one of our dear friends and partners, FiveFifty, at an eye-opening (yes, pun intended) event with Mike Hess.  Mike likes to describe himself as “the token blind guy in the room.” It would be easy to write Mike off as just that but within five minutes of hearing him speak it’s clear he just might be the coolest (and smartest) guy in the room.


The New Reality for Today’s Media and How It Affects Public Relations

The times are a changing. Reporters today don't look or work like the reporters of yesterday.

The times are a changing. Reporters today don’t look or work like the reporters of yesterday.

When I was a kid the stereotypical image of a reporter was a rugged, adventure seeking male who would jot ideas in a pocket notebook while spending downtime at the neighborhood bar.  In between writing and whiskey breaks the reporter always would find themselves in the middle of some incredible mystery that included romance and love.  I was pretty sure that being a reporter was by far the coolest job in the world – primarily because it appeared that they didn’t work all that much.